What to look for in a Wedding Venue?

Hi again, Mark Brittain for Creative Elegance here. Today I want to talk about what to look for in a wedding venue. Now I have worked with Hundreds of Wedding Venues over the years. Some good and some, well not so good. So below you will find some thing that you might find interesting.

Ok so when booking a Venue for your wedding ask if there is a Minimum/Maximum number of Guests for the Reception. We have already touched on this in another post but it is important. If there are any special dietary requirements (e.g.; Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerant) see if they can be catered too.

See if they have a Wet Weather plan for your day. Most venues have one but it’s a good idea to see what it is before it is needed. Maybe ask if there is a Discount for a Weekday wedding. Brides & Grooms are tying the not on a Friday or even a Thursday now to 1 save on cost and 2 a lot of venues are booked out for years in advance.

If getting married at a hotel, can the Hotel cater accommodation for all your guests? If so, can they do a special rate for our guests?

Your Wedding / Function Coordinator, will they be there of the wedding day? If not who will be there? Does this new person know all my finer details??

Booking a Venue for the Ceremony/Reception is extremely important. It’s also just as important to be Pro-Active when communicating with them, and not assuming that they will do this or that… Ask them, tell them what you require.

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Mark Brittain.



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