What to look for in a Celebrant?

Creative Elegance – What to look for in a Celebrant??

Hi again, back with another question. What should I look for in a Celebrant? I have worked with A LOT of Celebrant over the years and have seen some excellent Professionals and some definite Amateurs. Just some little questions to ask before booking a Celebrant.

What experience do they have? How long have they been a Celebrant and do they have any references from both previous clients and Photographer they have worked with.

Price, what inclusions are there in their Price? Does it include a PA System if required? Does it include the Marriage Certificate?

Location. Are they local to the area? Do they know the area well in case of emergency?

Most importantly where do they stand during the ceremony? OMG I have seen some terrible placed Celebrants over the years. Some that stand right in front of the Bride & Groom, in between the B&G and their Guests. I have seen some that stand in front of the boys in the Bridal party. I really don’t understand why they have to stand in between the Guests and the B&G. The day isn’t about them. The good ones stand behind the Bride & Groom, out of the way. The other question to ask is what do they do during the Kiss if they are behind the B&G. Some celebrant will move as the B&G go in for the 1st kiss, because they know that the photographer is lining up the Kiss and if they don’t, they will be in the background of the photo. Others don’t and just stand there during the kiss.. Looking and Grinning in the back of the photo..

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Mark Brittain.



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