What to do if it rains on our wedding day???

Hey guys, Mark Brittain here again for Creative Elegance back with a important question that a lot of my Brides & Groom’s have. What do we do if it rains???

Well for starters we need to realise that if it’s going to rain, it’s going to rain. There is not very much we can do about it. I don’t know anyone who can control the Weather… lol

If you’re getting married at a venue, then the Function Cordinator will advise you on your options. (Usually done about 45mins prior to your Ceremony Start time) You can eith “Chance” it and have it where your meant to have it out on the beautiful lawns/garden, or we can go to our wet weather plan. (this is usually indoors somewhere or at very least, undercover. Now 9/10 times the wet weather location isn’t ideal but, at least you won’t be having your wedding in the rain..

So once the Ceremony is over and the Family/Group photo is taken, where do you go if it’s raining for Formal photos??? Well if you have hired a Local photographer or a photographer who has a “Plan B” then you won’t have a problem. Usually there is some nice intimate shots to be taken in and around the venue or in the Wedding Cars with just the Bride & Groom (Possibly with the Bridal Party too.) then weather permitting you can venture outside.

If it’s still raining then you could try driving somewhere that is nice but undercover. Council Parks, Museum’s anywhere that’s local that is undercover.

On the other hand if you have a decent photographer he should have umbrella’s that he has brought with him just in case they are needed. One photographer who does that is… well…. Me!! I take 10 golf umbrella’s to every wedding. 5 White and 5 Black. No writing on them.. they look great in the photos and they work well. Have saved a dozen or so weddings from being rained out!!

Well there you go, just a couple of ideas for you, and some questions to ask your Venue and Photographer!!

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Mark Brittain.




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