Should I get a disk with images of a wedding album?

Creative Elegance – Should I get a disk with images of a wedding album??

Hey guys, Mark Brittain here again for Creative Elegance with another question that I get asked all the time. Should I get a disk with the photos or should I get a Wedding Album??

In the Digital Age we live in there are a lot of Brides & Grooms out there that just want a Disk with the photos on it. Now I know from experience that most of these people who just get the “Disk” have good intentions but will probably not make a Wedding Album, or get photos printed onto Canvas and hung on their wall. So for the Ease and Convenience of having the Photographer or the Studio create and manufacture your Wedding Album & or Canvas is a benefit but at the cost of the Studio.

Price is a massive factor I have found. In the beginning there is the full cost of the wedding and the Album/canvas get pushed to the side. Sometimes never to resurface. There are some photographers, like myself that offer a range of different Albums to cater for almost every budget starting from $599 and going to $3999.

Quality is paramount. When choosing which company is going to manufacture your wedding album they must have quality in mind. The public are very limited in companies that design and manufacture wedding albums given that some only work with Studios that have a registered ABN. Companies like SnapFish or Momento are commonly used but the public. Where as Albums Australia or Photo Mounts & Albums work with only Photography Studios.

All of the photos that go into a Creative Elegance Wedding Album are fully edited. When you have the Photographer or Studio creates the Album this Extra Editing is available, if you just have a disk and make your own album, then it isn’t.

Having just the disk is nice in the way you can put the photos on your computer, laptop or phone and show all your friends or family but is it as nice as showing your Wedding Album? Or a Mini Album/Brag Book? Wouldn’t you like your wedding photos to look the best that they can??

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Mark Brittain.