Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer Before Booking.

Creative Elegance – What questions should I ask my Wedding Photographer before booking??

Ok, well I’m back with another question that I beg clients to ask!! What questions should I ask my perspective Wedding Photographer?? So below your will find the top 6 questions!!

Can I have just a disk of my wedding photos? This question is extremely relevant now days as a lot of B&G’s are on a budget and just want the disk. Now I have covered the Pro’s and Con’s between a Disk and an Album on another post so we wont go into that today but there are some photographers that will just give you the disk included, and there are some that wont… Some photographers charge extra for the disk saying that the price for your wedding photography is just to get them to shoot your wedding, then you have to buy the disk.. Some resize all the photos on the disk so you can’t get enlargements printed by yourself, you have to go through the photographer/studio.. Some photographers watermark their LOGO on all of the photos. This isa extremely important question, you need to know what your paying for and what your going to get.

Coverage is another topic. When is the photographer going to start and finish shooting my wedding?? Some photographers say that they will start 1 hr before your wedding and finish 1 hr into the reception. Others, like Creative Elegance have a start and stop time, so you know exactly how much of your wedding will be covered.

Ask if the Photographer/Studio has set “Packages.” Most photographers I know have set “Packages.” They are predetermined packages that have items in them. A lot of the time these packages aren’t really exactly what you want. It has a Canvas in the package but I like Framed Prints. It has 50 prints in the package but we wont use them.. Others like Creative Elegance don’t have any Set Packages at all, you custom choose what you want in your wedding package and get a discount the more you want and you are only getting what you really want.

What Fee’s are involved? Some photographers have Travel Fees, Editing Fees, Late Fees. Some of the Fees photographers have are ridiculous. You look at them and go, “Really??? Are you serious?? Others have none, none at all. A must ask question!!

Who owns the Copyright on the photos? Ok so this is a big one. When the photographer takes your wedding photos, the photographer owns those photos. They are working for the B&G but they own the photos. They then put those photos onto a disk which is then copyrighted. Technically you cannot make a duplicate copy of that disk as you (the B&G) do not own the photos. Unless the photographer gives you a copyright free disk then you can do as you will.

An lastly, but most importantly “What equipment do you use??” you would expect a Professional Photographer to use Professional Equipment wouldn’t you??? Ye you would but in some cases they use basic DSLR equipment. There is no advantage in having this photographer shoot your wedding over a Friend of a Friend. Most Professional Equipment has Dual Card slots at the very least. This means that when shooting a wedding the photos are saved to not just 1 card but 2 at the same time. So if you have a card fail and loose the date (YOUR WDDDING) you have a backup. Not to mention that Professional Equipment is better build, faster, most of the time has more Megapixels too. To add to this, ask “What is your Backup Equipment?” do they have 1 awesome camera and 1 budget camera or do they have 2-3 Professional Camera DSLR Bodies??

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Mark Brittain.


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