Locations to shoot Wedding Photos on the Sunshine Coast – Maleny

Hi guys, Mark Brittain here once again for Creative Elegance. Today i wanted to chat about the different locations to take your Formal Photos for a wedding at Maleny. I have shot plenty of weddings here and also had the privilege of shooting a Maternity and a Wedding Fashion shoot as well. So without further a due, below are some locations to shoot your wedding photos at the Sunshine Coast’s beautiful Maleny!!!

One Tree Hill — Ok, 1st off is the most talked about and one of the Sunshine Coast’s, scratch that Australia’s famous locations. One Tree Hill,
For those of you who have never heard of this place, well, you’re missing out!! Basically it is a hill on the side of a mountain overlooking the Glass House Mountains. IT IS GORGEOUS!!! To use this location you must make a donation to the owner of the land who lives next door. Once made the spot is yours for the time to do your shoot. I have shot weddings with people who live thousands of kilometres away just so they could use this location and have the photos they desire hanging on their living room wall. In short, it is spectacular.
Agapanthus Lane — Agapanthus Lane is a few Km down the Rd from One Tree Hill. It is nicely tucked away and once again the owner must be contacted before using the spot. It is a beautiful little hidden bundle of awesome waiting to be used for your wedding photos!!

Mary Cairnscross Park — Mary Cairnscross Park is along the same Rd as the other two previous mentioned locations. It is at the start of the Rd and has a massive area for creative photos. There are amenities here as well. Plenty of car parks. The view is breath taking, with a 180deg of the stunning Glasshouse Mountains.

That’s all for now, hope i have helped out with a few different public locations to have your Formal Wedding Photos taken in Maleny.
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