Brisbane wedding photographer – How many people should I have in my Bridal Party??

Hey guys just thought I would share this with you all. I was asked the other day “How many people should i have in my Bridal Party??” Now there is no “SET” number for this at all. For all the weddings I have shot the usual is 8 including the Bride & Groom. But I have shot some with 14 including the B & G, and others with no bridal party at all!!

There are many things to way up when deciding how many and who you will have in your Bridal Party. Cost is a factor, the price of the clothing you Bridal Party will wear. Will your Bridal Party buy their own clothes or are the B & G paying for it? Or are you Hiring the suits and dresses?? The cost of meals is another one, the bigger the Bridal Party the more expensive the Reception will be. Then you have the Hair & Makeup for the Brides maids. And transport, if you have a large Bridal Party, will you supply the drive cars to get them to the wedding? Or are you thinking a Limo will cover all of you???

Another point will be personalities. Does everyone get along? are any of the Bridal party matched up with their partners? Or Ex’s??? With the Bigger Bridal Parties there is more chance of someone not getting along with someone. Someone having an Ex that might still have issues. Someone matched with someone they don’t like. Yes the day is about the B & G but in the end you have to spend 18hrs with the people around you. If everyone gets along it would be a great advantage!!

Lastly I know from experience that the bigger the Bridal Party the more peoples’ attention I need to have to make the photos look amazing. The more different personalities i must get along with. I large Bridal Party is more difficult to work with, but if done right, the photos would look beautiful. I tend to have to Bridal Party involved for 75% of the time allowed for the Formal Shots. The last 25% will just be the B & G, some nice, close, intimate shots of them on their wedding day. By that time anyway the Bridal Party just wants to sit down and have a couple of drinks!!

Who would have thought something so little, like the number of People in the Bridal Party would have such an effect on the day’s events?

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